Follow up and support

We understand the importance of continuation of treatment and regular professional follow-up. Ongoing support and follow-up gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns about your treatment, and allows us to communicate back to your doctor how the treatment is progressing.

We have a Registered Nurse with further training in Sleep Science who oversees your support and follow-up.

SleepFlo offers two (2) support programs – one for those patients new to therapy and one for more experienced CPAP Therapy clients.


CPAP Trial Support Program

SleepFlo understands that education and reassurance are critical components of the initiation of CPAP therapy. We work very openly so that you can get answers to your questions or any concerns.
New patients begin a 3 week trial, and during that time receive three (3) face-to-face consultations; three (3) support phone calls from the Registered Nurse; and as many support calls from you to us as you need.

SleepFlo tailors individual CPAP Therapy for each client to ensure optimal comfort and therapeutic benefit. During the initial period you will have the opportunity to trial different machines and masks, to see what works best for you. Set-up and fitting is done by our fully trained and experienced CPAP Therapy Consultants in our private consultation rooms.

You receive a phone call from the Nurse after 2-nights on therapy and again after 7-nights. During that time, we can monitor your progress with our cloud-based software that records all important information from your trial CPAP device. We can even adjust settings remotely if required.

Trial cost is $100, plus the cost of your mask ($200-$300). The mask cost is deducted from any future machine purchase, so you are only out-of-pocket for the $100 trial cost. All consultations and phone calls are included in the trial fee, so you have nothing more to pay.

Experienced CPAP client Support Program

The success of CPAP treatment depends on its continued use. SleepFlo clients are followed-up 1 month after purchasing a new machine, then again 6 monthly thereafter.

Our clients are encouraged to contact us for assistance and downloads whenever necessary. Referring doctors are contacted (phone, email, fax) as required for feedback and progress reports. We are happy to conduct additional downloads as requested. If you stop feeling the benefits of therapy even though you’re using your equipment every night, please speak to us as soon as possible.

Once your equipment is set up and you’re comfortable using it, it’s important to follow up on your treatment progress. Staying committed to follow-up care is the best way for you and your healthcare team to monitor your sleep health.
You may find that after some time, your treatment needs have changed, which may mean changing your mask and sleep apnea machine settings. Following up on your treatment is also a good way for your doctor to see how you’re responding to your specific therapy and adjust it if necessary, so you can continue to get the most out of your treatment.